Kelsey & Sean | Wedding | Great Pond, Maine

What a great way to spend a fall afternoon in the quaint little town of Belgrade Lakes. Aside from the Belgrade Lakes Golf Course and the Sunset Grill Restaurant there is usually not much excitement around this simple, Main Street town nestled between two lakes. The local convenience shop, Day’s Store, was certainly a buzz today, all the locals knew there was a wedding in town. The reception venue, The Village Inn, was all set up and ready to welcome guests to their gorgeous Great Pond waterfront property. The ceremony location was merely a few steps away, at a private residence on the shore of Long Pond, just on the other side of the street.  Kelsey and Sean tied the knot right where two iconic Maine lakes meet. A fitting location from how they got to know each other. Sean’s family has a small fishing camp located on Great Pond and Kelsey’s family lake house right on Long Pond, I don’t think there could be a more perfect location for these two to get married!

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Weddings like this are not possible with out amazing vendors. Jeremy and I want to extend our thanks to the following folks that dedicated their time and expertise for this special day. Each of these vendors were a pleasure to work with!

Reception Venue and Catering | The Village Inn and Tavern
DJ | Double Platinum Celebrations
Florist | Honeysuckle Way Flowers